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More than 1.3 billion peoples live in extreme poverty

About Starrize UK


Our Mission

Kingdom advancement through empowerment, training. Equipping leaders to reach their full potential in their purpose and anointing.

Created in 2018 and based in London, Starrize was birthed as a Charity to provide solutions, initiatives, and opportunities in creative arts, youth empowerment and community development, and charity on a local and international level.


StarRize Charity

Starrize prides itself on giving back and standing up for the vulnerable in society. Our charity initiative “Give us a smile” kicked off last year and has helped 5 families in Nigeria and Zimbabwe by providing basic daily needs and money.

Our GUAS competition has seen a number of people win much-needed money through being nominated by friends or family, giving us a brief explanation of why they should win the money and we pick a winner each month. We are looking to grow this even further as other people and companies partner with us on the initiative.


Creative arts


Our creative arts center provides:

  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Sunday Services Online
  • Record label Services
  • Relieve of Poverty
  • Music/Songwriting courses
  • Dance and Acting classes
  • Painting and Drawing classes
  • Web design and IT classes
  • Community Choir

All open to members of the community young and old. We pride ourselves in education, innovative solutions, empowerment and mentorship.

Youth empowerment

At Starrize we believe when the youth are empowered and equipped with essential skills, they can utilize them to feed, assist, contribute and invest. Aiding the nation economically.  

Youth empowerment

Our initiatives like;

We Are Tomorrow

Which connects talented young people to mentors who are established in their areas of expertise and help to inspire, motivate, advise and push our young people to reach their full potential.

My City My Home

Aimed at preventing antisocial behavior, teaching life values like respect for parents, elders and authority, and rule of law. With the objective of making them proud of who they are, their homes, and their city, which is their inheritance and responsibility.

Other Services

Starrize Media

-Helping companies, organizations and entrepreneurs establish strong online presents through innovative digital marketing solutions and providing all media services.

Starrize Radio

-Providing 24hrs Christian broadcasting and providing a platform for Kingdom advancement.

Starrize Magazine

-Christian News, business arts and culture

Starrize Records:

-Record label services. Creating a platform for Christian artists worldwide.

Our Reach

Starrize has bases in London, Nottingham, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. We are looking to expand further in the near future.

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